Life in HK

Causeway Bay

One of the busiest districts in Hong Kong Island, Causeway Bay is a popular destination amongst residents and tourists due to its abundance of restaurants, shopping centers and bars. There is a diversity of shops from the most luxurious brand names to the most inexpensive. Causeway Bay also houses a huge array of wet markets and flea markets. An immense variety of bars and restaurants fill the night life in Causeway Bay meaning there is never a dull moment.

There are many commercial buildings in the area that attract people to find a home close to work. The residential buildings are usually packed, high-rise apartment blocks or old low rise town houses. The easy access to a large variety of shops, offices, and markets attract many residents to take up residence in Causeway Bay.

Popular Schools:

  • St. Paul's Convert School
  • Wah Yan College
  • St. Francis' Canossian College
  • St.Joseph's Primary School
  • St Paul’s Primary Catholic School
  • Pun U Assn Wah Yan Primary School
  • Marymount Primary School
  • Precious Blood Primary School
  • Queen's College
  • Rosaryhill School

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